Saturday, 20 October 2012

Another Poppyless Saturday

This time there's no game because the team due to kick our arse is still engaged in cup football tomorrow.  Obviously our lack of players, money, electricity, worthwhile chairman, supporters might have counted against us had we had the misfortune to actually be due to play.

How long with this farcical "half-life" be allowed to continue?  How low do things have to get before it is generally acknowledged that the club is dead?  Can anyone even remember the last time we even had a semi-competitive team to support? 

The absolutely best case scenario is that there is in fact someone in the world who manages the impressive trick of (A) being dumber than Ladak, and (B) immensely rich, (C) desperate to take over the Poppies.

But what exactly would that deliver?  Limping along for a few more painful games or even months as permanent whipping boys in a division no one ever dreamt we'd be plunged into.  Paying thousands for a ground we don't want to be in, in a town no-one wants to be in.  Being amongst the last few hundred of people who haven't anything better to do than go through the motions of a protracted demise? 

If the Poppies was a family pet, we'd have done the humane thing ages ago.  As it stands, the memory of the club that was is still sufficiently strong to hope that KTFC doesn't have to suffer much longer.

When the ground and the scoreboard look like this, you've got to wonder what is the point?


  1. 7-0 and the dog said no!

  2. Typical Diamonds glory hunter.

    19 years your shitty club lasted what a joke.

  3. 140 years of glorious failure.

    Oh sorry, I meant 139 years, *Kettering* Town FC died in 2011 when you moved out of Kettering. You're just a franchise now, you moved away from your history just for a shiny stadium and a chance at League football. How fickle. Now it's the time to get off your arses and get behind a phoenix club back in Kettering and you can't be bothered, and you called us plastic...

    You were warned, you saw one club die at NP and you ignored it. Weymouth fans warned you about Rolls, Cambridge fans warned you about Rolls. You ignored them. You voted to move out of the town that holds your name. You have made your bed, now lie in it.

  4. You lot would know all about being a rich mans play thing.

  5. Lets not beat around the bush the only time you lot enjoyed any success was as a rich mans play thing

    The moment that was taken from you it was one failure after another.

    Shit club, no history.

    1. Shit ground

      We did ok under PM with PM as manager at our real Home!

  6. Sorry, I forgot that history was the most important thing in football...

    Someone should create the Historical Football League for clubs whose fans prefer to hark back to their history, as opposed to actually getting behind their club in the present and trying to push them on to success IN THE PRESENT.

    In the HFL so far I'm thinking: Kettering, Luton, Cambridge, Bradford, Coventry, Leeds, Liverpool and Aston Villa. Fixtures are drawn in the HFL but no football is actually played. Instead on a matchday fans will go to their home or away game, pay to get through the turnstiles and then spend 90 minutes thinking "Ahh do you remember our history? Our proud history? Remember when we won that trophy 4 decades ago, it's so important now isn't it?"

    Your 139 years means absolutely nothing, the most important football is played in the present and your club hasn't played any since October 6th.