Friday, 5 October 2012

You can take the people out of Kettering, but you can't take Kettering out of the people it would appear

Hopes for a civil relationship between the Poppies and their offspring "The Red Kites", (a truly cringe-worthy nickname by the way) are not being helped by the comings and goings on Poppynet over the past twenty four hours.

We KNOW the Poppies are teetering on the brink.  We don't need former supporters reminding us of this every thirty seconds.  Their seeming enjoyment of our club's plight is frankly sickening.  Twelve months ago these same people would have leapt to the defence of their club, now they are gloating over the same club's demise. 

By all accounts this coming Saturday could be our last "home" game (again).  I know we've heard this a number of times before, but the following week sees the very real possibility of the club ending due to a mixture of unpaid utility bills and non payment of the CVA. 

Now is not the time for former supporters to be crowing about their newly formed team.  If they showed even a modicum of class at this point they could well attract dozens if not hundreds of displaced Poppies.  But, by rubbing our faces in our imminent demise is not likely to engender good relations moving forward.

And let us not forget, that for all the positive things associated with KFC and what they have achieved so far, as it stands they have no certain route back into Kettering next season.  They have already shed one Chairman in acrimonious circumstances after barely a handful of games.  And there is no guarantee the club will ever progress beyond being a youth team. 


  1. Bo was only a acting chairman , and whatever happens they WILL end up back home , even if just staying a youth side , that will be a lot better than having to travel out the borough to legoland

    1. you really are a prick Anonymous

    2. Knowing Bo well as well as being at KFC's meeting with him on Tuesday evening to 'elect' its first ever committee it was certainly not acrimonious in any shape or form, so I'm unsure were that particular comment has actually come from??

  2. Dont be so hard on yourself