Saturday, 13 October 2012

Two Strikes and Out?

To fail to play one match may be seen as unfortunate, but to fail to play two may be seen as carelessness, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde (no less).  So, Imraan's plan to simultaneously hook up the Non Park electrics to a bank of push bikes and willing volunteers, and convince any local under 14 team to change their name to Kettering Town has mysteriously failed.

Now we are faced with our first home Poppies-less Saturday.  The first of many. Boy, is it going to hit us come 3 o'clock!

More successful has been Ladak's endeavour this week to become a bit of a media whore.  He has been heard and read across a large cross-section of the local and national media.  It has probably reminded him of "the good old days" when his mug was all over the telly and papers, when either red carding the Council or lambasting ITV for not clearing their schedules for our game with Fulham.  Of course, Ladak being Ladak he has used this exposure to deliver a grovelling apology for his handling of the Poppies, and offering an impassioned plea for the wider community to pull together to help the club survive.

I jest of course.

The blame for our demise was, as usual, laid at the door of anyone and everyone else.  Laughably he has nobly, and conveniently labelled himself as "Interim Chairman", and thus painting himself as a concerned citizen, heroically stepping in to try to save the Poppies.  I can never quite tell if he is a pathological liar, or actually believes what he is saying.  Either way, he doesn't come out of this well. 

There's no way you can see us playing again.  Lack of team, electricity, supporters, ground and officials generally counts against a viable football club.  Ladak has had chance after chance of stepping aside to give the Poppies a chance of survival but has always hung on for the outside chance of conning someone even more gullible than himself to give him one last payday.

This mix of stupidity and greed has ultimately cost us our football club.  I'm pretty sure that there is at least one person who doesn't see it this way though.....

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  1. Very sad to see from an AFC Wimbledon fan who happens to have moved to Kettering
    Must be something about people from that concrete hell hole that houses franchise scum
    You can raise AFC Kettering from the ashes as a fans trust, we can help advise
    Good Luck
    Uncle Bulgaria