Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The very definition of "pointless"

Let's get this right....

  • We have a Hillier Senior Cup Game tonight, which is already a fairly good definition of "pointless" in itself. 

  • This game is against, what?  A tiny club from the Peterborough area no one has heard of. 

  • In front of what will be, if lucky, a double figure crowd.

  • What team we may be able to dredge-up will be from amongst those local kids and trainees we can coax out or con on a Tuesday night.

  • Who knows, we may just have 11 shirts to put on the team.

  • If possible I'm sure the club will open one half of one stand to the public.

  • If we win, the chances are we will end up in the next round on the wrong end of a heavy thrashing by the likes of Brackley, Desborough, or God help us, Corby.

  • The team are to be "managed" by a sacked former Chairman and a resigned former Director.

  • Plus there's Champions League football on the television, as well as the Great British Bake-Off (for the missus!)

All in all, a pretty heady mixture to guarantee our most pointless game ever, unless anyone out there can think of a better example?

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