Sunday, 20 December 2009

Miserable Scrotes missing the X-Factor

The people of Northamptonshire are amongst the most negative, moaning, doom-mongers imaginable.

The people of Kettering are the most miserably negative group in Northamptonshire.

The Poppies supporting folk of Kettering are the grisliest bile-spreaders within the town.

And elements of the Poppynet community are the blackest-hearted, moan-merchants amongst the Kettering support.

And, in the grand scheme of things, that makes them pretty negative.

Take the reaction to poor X, for example. Sure, he's packed away his largely ineffective long-throw and left us for Peterborough. He took the opportunity to further his footballing career in a far higher division. Ordinarily even the biggest whiners on Poppynet would wish him well, and count him amongst the "Glorious Few" of ex-Poppies that we could be kinda proud of. As opposed to the 99.5% of former players we would be perfectly content to never hear of again.

The odd, and very odd Poppynetter seem to have taken great exception to anyone even daring to mention X on their hallowed electronic pages. This former player appears to have become persona non grata in double quick time, and anyone who reports on his activities at his new club is aggressively rounded-on. Is it just because he is an ex-X, and we shouldn't be wasting keystrokes on anyone who no longer pulls on the red of Kettering? I hope not, as these same people have no problem in talking about our history and the players who have represented us in the past when it suits them. It would seem unfair to deny others the same right, surely? At the bottom of this page is a photograph of the great Roy Clayton. Should this be removed as he no longer holds down an automatic starting place for the Poppies? (but who knows, with our limited striking options nowadays...)

I'd rather think that talk of Big X is exposing a raw nerve amongst certain of our support. Because his departure, and that of Cooper now appears to have become the defining moments of an end of an era? The good days have gone and all that is left is uncertainty and worry? A run of defeats under Lee Harper, the almost incessant rain during his tenure (did it ever rain under Cooper?), and a Chariman who seems intent upon steering the Club onto the rocks have made for particularly interesting times.

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