Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Never a Dull Moment Part One

The Leeds Games

Great effort from everyone involved - The bottom line is that although we lost in the end, Leeds United couldn't defeat us over two 90 minute games. Leeds supporters don't come out of the games well either. Their much trumpeted vocal support, was sporadic at best and strangely seemed to coincide with their goals.

The fact that less than 9000 of them turned up highlights the difference between their supporters' perception of the Club and the truth. Regardless of who they were playing, surely a Leeds fan would come along and support Leeds? Never mind, I'm sure all their legions of stay-at-home diehards will be bombarding their ticket office for the opportunity to watch their team get annihilated by a genuinely big club.

Those last 15 minutes of extra time were just too much for us. I blame myself, and others like me, who were just starting to think about who in our team might be good at penalties...!

In the end, our legs and luck gave out at about the same time, but we exit the FA Cup with our heads held high. At least until the post match post mortem began....

The Bookies consider this the final score, and we're not about to argue!

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