Sunday, 13 December 2009

Update from Guy

Hi lads.

I thought I'd take it easy for a few weeks by sitting out a few games. My decision to have a bit of a break just so happened to coincide with a ban for the dozens of yellow cards I've unjustly received this season.

Without me in the team the rest of the lads just about stumbled to a 6-1 win yesterday.

Saw your FA Cup games with Leeds and have got to say that for a little, non-league side, you weren't all that bad. Still not sure of that Roper-fella though, with his ability in the air, solid defending and all-round leadership abilities.

Strangely, I have yet to hear from Mark Cooper since he took over at the Posh. I assume this is because of bad phone reception where I live. Mark was obviously so frantic he rushed out and signed Exodus in the hope that some of the Branston magic had rubbed off on him during our time together.

Anyway, got to go. They tell me I'm due for a spell, "on the bench". No, I've no idea what that means either!

Cheers, Guy XXX

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