Thursday, 3 December 2009

These Are The Days My Friend

There are times in life when you just have to stop and smell the roses. This is one of those moments. In years to come, whatever the future may hold, we'll look back at 2009 with buckets of nostalgia. Forget 1979 or 1989, there has never been a more emotional time to be a Poppies fan than right now.

In '89 our Cup achievements were overshadowed and those were different days when non-League football had a much lower profile. Now the club has made national headlines in consecutive seasons and - far better - for exploits on the pitch rather than gimmicky recruitments off it. At last we are no longer known only to the casual football fan as that club who Gazza managed. The FA Cup is our path to glory, and dare we imagine the impact if by some magic we win next week's replay? It could literally be the making of Kettering Town.

But whatever the result at Elland Road, this is already the season in which we have beaten Luton, Wrexham, Cambridge United and Hartlepool, drawn with Oxford and of course Leeds. A few names to conjure with in there, never mind what division they currently occupy. We've gone to a string of bigger clubs as underdogs and silenced their crowds, giving the present generation of Poppies fans a bunch of awayday highlights as good as anything in our history. Yes Barnet and Wycombe were fantastic at the time, but I dare say we'd have swapped them for winning at Kenilworth Road.

The fact that this could all prove to be a glorious last hurrah for KTFC as we know it is something best not dwelt upon. If the events of just the past few days have proved anything, it is that this club just won't lie down and where there's life there's hope.

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