Saturday, 12 December 2009

Never a Dull Moment Part Three

I think I've heard Imraan on the radio this week more often than Terry Wogan. His latest broadcast was in response to Jim Hakewell's offer of private discussions about a new ground. Worryingly, Imraan still seems reluctant to sit down with the Council officials without the Poppies supporting public being present.

Obviously, this is something the Council won't do, so there is the real danger of a fatal impasse. The recent favourable publicity the Club has enjoyed has brought the Council to the negotiating table. Hakewell sounds increasingly desperate to sit down with Imraan, and now it looks to the casual observer as though the Football Club is the stumbling block to these talks.

Get in there Imraan! As the Club's high profile starts to wain again these offers of talks may well dry up. You don't need us all in there with you to argue our case. However, it might be an idea to have a representative supporter as part of your group to ensure the Council don't try to screw us over. That is always harder to do with an actual voter in the meeting!

There's a time to play hardball, and a time to make peace. For the sake of the Poppies, surely now is the time to make peace?

The Clock is Ticking......

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