Friday, 11 December 2009

Please God Not Another Telford

Anyone who recalls our previous, paper incarnation will perhaps recall the phrase "Telford Day" which we coined to describe the perfect storm of a large home crowd, a significant match and a thorough gumping by a visiting team with nothing to play for. So called because of a grisly occasion back in April 1991 when Telford (in their previous, United incarnation) rolled up to Rockingham Road, yawned and stuck five past us.

However a very different sort of Telford Day (an AFC Telford day?) unfolded last season when the emotional high of an FA Cup battle against the big boys was very closely followed by the crashing low of going out of the Trophy with barely a whimper .

Tomorrow, worringly, it's all looking too familiar. Throw in the extra ingredients of a manager who's still to confirm whether he can resolve his differences with the chairman, and a bunch of players who are either (a) disenchanted (b) borrowed or (c) probably still knackered from Tuesday, and it doesn't bode too well for a Trophy run extending much beyond 5pm Saturday.

It certainly wouldn't be the first time we've exited two cups in the space of a week. We may even have done three once, if you count the Bob Lord Trophy.

But come on guys let's be positive. We're playing Barrow, so if we get past the first 4 seconds it could be our day. And Jason Lee is still banned from coming within 10 miles of Rockingham Road.

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