Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cube to consume entire UK GDP by 2020!

"Money goes in, money goes in,
money goes in, money goes....."
Corby Councillors, never reticent when it comes to splashing other people's cash, have signed another blank cheque for further work on the much heralded cube, taking the acknowledged cost up to just shy of £50 million.  This still represents value for money, as, if the building was actually as fully specified as intended (floors, roofs and running water on all levels) the overall cost would have been a good deal higher.

To you and me £50 million may sound a lot of money, but, frankly, what could it buy you nowadays?  Not much.  A misfiring Fernando Torres.  Three and a half misfiring Andy Carrolls.  Or almost 6 months worth of misfiring Poppies talent as bought in last season by Ladak.

Compared to these options the cube looks like a bargain!


  1. I thought Andy Carrol cost £35 million which as such means oneand a half not three. haha.

    1. Ha, but investments can go down as well as up....Let's see what his worth is when he makes his imminent move back to Geordie-land.