Sunday, 29 July 2012

The A1 Arse-Bandits Part 3 of 3

Starting to wish I hadn't started this now, but here's some more nearby teams we'll soon learn to hate!

Kettering Town FC

Miles from the Holy City - 7
Population of town - 51,000
Ground Capacity - 6,400
Home Colours - Red and Black
Nickname - Squatters, Diamonds, Ploppies, Sheep-shaggers.  Oh, and Poppies
Average Home Attendance Last Season - 1399, but don't be surprised if that drops a tad this season!

"Must Know" Facts - Had a brilliant 2011-2012 campaign, expertly masterminded by the unbeatable team of Ladak and Maison.  Their unique mixture of business brilliance and tactical prowess turned a moderate team of honest pro's at a crumbling football ground with a thousand loyal fans into a team of grasping prima-donnas in a slightly less crumbling ground in front of about half as many fans.  Bravo gentlemen.  The club are presently halfway through a 2-year plan for League football, meaning this coming season could prove to be spectacular!

St Albans City FC

Miles from the Holy City - 65
Population of town - 64,000
Ground Capacity - 6,000
Home Colours - Yellow and Blue
Nickname - Saints or City.  Might just as well throw "Albans" in the mix too and have done with it!
Average Home Attendance Last Season - 420

"Must Know" Facts - Although the city is overflowing with history, and was a thriving location from even before Roman times, surely it's main claim to fame was that our junior school coaches, going to Wembley to watch the Schoolboy Internationals back in the 1970's used to stop there on the way to the game.  Warm cartons of Ribena and a packed lunch of enormous Waggon Wheels and soggy Marmite sandwiches kept us young un's going until we stopped at Olney for saveloy and chips on the way home.

St Neots Town FC

Miles from the Holy City - 35
Population of town - 26,000
Ground Capacity - 5,000
Home Colours - Blue
Nickname - Saints.  Wow, didn't see that coming!
Average Home Attendance Last Season - 413

"Must Know" Facts - Won promotion to this division last season, so it might be nice to play against someone who actually wants to be here!  John Bellingham, the last man to assassinate a British PM lived in St Neots*  It is also the birthplace to the guitarist out of Jamiroquai, which is right up there with Kettering claiming former Communards keyboardist as their favourite son.

* correct at time of posting.

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