Friday, 6 July 2012

Question - Is everyone involved in football bent?

Answer - it certainly seems so.

The news that George is to be banned from football for 5 years and be fined £10,000 throws up several questions: -

Is this why he is operating from under the banner of "Poppies Events".  It would appear more than likely that he knew he would be found guilty of the shed load of charges against him, so positioned himself so that he wouldn't be directly involved on the footballing side?

And, if this is the case, and he will simply be using the facilities at Non Park for non-footballing business, what exactly is the point of him being here?

The few, including me, prepared to give George a chance despite the avalanche of stories against him must surely now be wondering does this football club attract only cheats and chancers?  Yes, George, we listened to your flannel.  We didn't necessarily believe you then, and are even less likely to in future.  After all, how can you completely trust someone who thinks that Steve Evans is an "OK guy" and not a criminal toad?
George gets in some practice for his
future community service?
How does the coincidentally-timed winding-up petition against "Kettering Town Management" affect us?

Where do we go from here?  We have a prospective owner interested only in off-field activities, who will be unable to get involved in the footballing side, even if he wanted to.  Unknown agencies are trying to have us wound-up.  We're saddled with the expense of Non Park.  No-one actually owns the club.

Is it too late to get viper Pickering on the phone, buy back a couple of hundred seats back from Alfreton and play in this crappy division from our old, crappy ground?

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