Saturday, 7 July 2012

Rolls - That Statement In Full

I am flabbergasted & shocked at the decision that the disciplinary panel has taken in context to the charges levied against myself.

(I would fight to clear my good name, if only I had one)

I would like to make a few points quite clear. The FA has a responsibility to all "Participants"& that clear guidelines should be given to new "Participants", I received neither of these.

(On Imraan’s advice I tried the “it got lost in the post defence”)

I believe thousands of participants are falling foul of the FA rules as they are not aware of them

(I also believe that if you say something often enough, some mugs will fall for it)  

& I am sure many more people will fall unwittingly into the same trap as I have done & further charges may well be levied against individuals.

(Like the other members of my Hong Kong betting syndicate)

My involvement as club Chairman will have to cease with immediate effect for the next 5 years

(Leaving me free to try to milk whatever I can from the facilities)

but during the meantime the hard work that has already been going on behind the scenes at Kettering Town & with strong leadership qualities from the new board alongside the new manager will hopefully continue.

(Good luck suckers, you’ll need it!)

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