Saturday, 15 September 2012

Boston United - one last hurrah?

Boston United away always brought out the Poppies faithful.  It often helped that the game took place over the Christmas period, and the opportunity to take a few hours off from eating and drinking, presumably to concentrate purely on the drinking.  It also often helped that we were challenging at the top end of the Conference, merely months away from playing in the Football League....  It became something of an annual Poppies pilgrimage to fill out the Town End at York Road and shout our heroes to another win over our local (!) rivals.  
Away to Boston in 2008 "Cheer up guys,
you're about to win the league!"
Next week's FA Cup game is likely to be a little different.  Our last visit to Boston featured DRC's assembled collection of millionaire all-stars against a Boston team relegated straight our of the Football League into Conference North.  The win at York Road actually won us the league, as our points tally after that game was not exceeded by any of the distant chasing pack.

Now, whilst Boston United have clawed their way back into Conference North we (in case you've not been keeping up) are rock bottom of the Southern League, fearing visits of teams like Frome and Barwell.  Our support has fragmented seemingly beyond all chances of reconciliation.  Where once we took almost four figure numbers to the Boston away game, we will be lucky if this time we take, well, four.

But, why shouldn't we travel in force to this game?  Why shouldn't all those who refuse to go to Non Park make the trip?  All those who won't give Ladak the steam off their piss - give this game a go, as he will make barely anything from this one.  New KFC fans, why not make this your one game showing there's no hard feelings for your parent club?  Those who have completely fallen out of love with the Poppies, why not wallow in the past with this trip down memory lane?

Let us see if we can still pull together just one more time.  Let's show the outside world that there is more to the Poppies than non-payment of bills, squatting at Non Park, the fool Ladak and sub 500 league gates. 

C'mon, Boston away in the Cup.  Who can resist?  Let's give it a go!

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