Saturday, 29 September 2012

Into the abyss

Can an entire club be charged with bringing the game into disrepute?  Assuming the FA are monitoring events at Nene Park, they might be tempted to lob that one in our direction to crown another week in which the once proud name of Kettering Town Football Club was desecrated.

Short of mowing a swastika on the pitch and drowning puppies before kick off, Ladak and Rolls couldn’t make a better job of killing this club in the most offensive manner possible if they tried.

Assuming of course they aren’t.

Rolls continues to flagrantly act in a capacity that can only be described as official, despite a complete ban from any association with the club. He is either too stupid to fear the consequences or doesn’t care, because his agenda doesn’t rely upon the club being around very much longer.  Meanwhile Ladak is holed up in his Milton Keynes bunker, out of all telephone contact unless your name is Jon Dunham, lining up another ET “exclusive” interview, unquestioning to the last.

Maybe six or even three months ago, just one of the gross humiliations heaped on the club this week would have had Poppynet seething with protest.  But now the diminishing number of people who still care seem to be numbed to the point of apparent indifference.  And who can blame them. 

Not quite the budgeted 700 at today's fixture

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