Thursday, 27 September 2012

Getting ready to nail down the coffin?

This season's player exodus is a little different to the ones over the past 3 seasons.  For one it's a few months earlier than normal.  For another, the players can and do just walk away because at this level players can move between clubs all season long.  No pesky transfer windows.  If you don't get paid you can simply stick 2 fingers up to the Chairman, or illegally-working, would-be-Chairman and take your boots elsewhere.

Yet another difference this year is that I have not bothered trying to learn the names of any of our players.  I've developed a bit of a "trenches" mentality, where there's no point learning the names of the newcomers as they won't be around long.  When I was told the names of the players who have walked I'm afraid I drew a blank.  After a bit more discussion we have, as far as I understand it, lost numbers 4,5, and 8 from our non-conquering team. 

Patgod wishes 4,5 and 8 all the best in their future careers.  Thanks for filling the shirts for a few weeks guys!

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