Tuesday, 25 September 2012

"How was the takeover for you?"

"Now that the dust is settling over our exciting new takeover, and the ink drying on the new owner's contract Kettering town Football Club is proud to announce the new multi-millionaire owners as...."

Mmm...I think if we were expecting an announcement on the official site that began with the above sentence it would prove that we were indeed, (a) Painfully naive, (b) New fans, just moved into the area in the past 48 hours, or (c) Imraan Ladak.

It amuses and angers in equal measure that seemingly the only person who is both willing and able to become the new owner at Non Park, and that Imraan will accept, is George Rolls, who co-incidentally is the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who isn't actually allowed to take us over!

Certainly Imraan seems to be putting all his "new owner" eggs in George's capacious basket.  The fact that the FA have banned him from having anything to do with football for the next 5 years doesn't seem to have dimmed George's attractiveness as a potential suitor to our teenage owner.

By all accounts George has received another letter from the FA recently reminding him that he is indeed banned from football in any way shape or form, from non-involvement in footballing administration down to complete non-attendance at games.  Perhaps the next time he is swanning around the place, with a wad of Klondike tickets and a smug look on his face we ought to grab a photo and send it across to the FA?

Assuming of course we get the opportunity to attend another game.  And the players haven't caught up with George and tore him limb from limb......

"I have nothing to do with football, and no, 
that is not a football ground behind me."

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