Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Herewegoagain. Again.

Just a short report  from your correspondent to ask all poppies fans not to turn on each other. It really doesn't matter what you do, attend or boycott or anything else. Unfortunately the club can never succeed at Nonce Park and here's why:

Annual rent at NP £150,000 (this is on the public record in the CVA document)

Games in the season 25 (2 cup games assumed)

Now if you work on an average crowd of 1,000 the rent accounts for £7-20 per ticket, for 750 it's £9-60 and for 500 it's £14-40

So however you look at it, without a wealthy benefactor the game is up at NP whether you boycott or attend!

From Herewegoagain


  1. Gotta wonder why Imran never bothered to work these figures out before moving.

  2. Thats a 100,000 more than he was willing to pay to stay at RR , he said he could not afford the increase to 70,000 ?