Saturday, 29 September 2012

To KFC or not to KFC? That is the question.

"Good luck lads, I'm off this way!"
Sounds like Beck has departed.  Along with Greygoose and various of our players.

We have no Chairman or Secretary.  No Directors.  No staff.  A few players.

What we do have is an owner, desperately making sure he pays the exorbitant rent he "negotiated", in order, so we are led to believe, to save himself from a beating from hired thugs of our landlord.

Oh, and there is a couple of hundred of supporters who haven't quite called it a day yet.  And why are we still turning up?  Loyalty?  Love?  Fear we'll  not be there when the bell finally tolls?  The faint hope that something will turn up? 

Or are we dumbly turning up to Non Park on Saturdays simply because Kettering Football Club play their games on a Thursday?

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