Sunday, 2 September 2012

What if.....?

A hypothetical suggestion came up during a slow passage of play at the game against Frome yesterday (i.e. the first half).  It was one of those "what if...." questions.

What if the one club director Gary Graham, contacted the League and told them we were changing the location of our home ground?  What if Ritchie reached an agreement with Corby for sharing their ground?  What if the above gentlemen and the Trust convinced the playing management and staff that they stood more chance of getting paid if some of the admittance money we pay actually reached them rather than disappear into the mysterious Non Park black hole?

What if we all turned up at Steal Park for a home game and the team, oppositions and officials all turned up there too?

What if all this happened?

How exactly would Imraan be able to stop any of this?  It's not as if he's a constant presence at his own football club, is he?  George couldn't do anything as he has no official position at the club.  Strictly speaking he has no more say than any of us.  Less in fact, as I daresay none of the supporters  have even been banned from being involved at a football club?

Worse case scenario?  Imraan and George both turn up at a home game, intent on bagging the takings only to rattle around an even-emptier Non Park, worrying how deep Stanwick Lake is, and how quickly Cousin's henchmen can mix concrete.  The Poppies get laughed at by the wider footballing public yet again.

Best case scenario?  Five or ten years from now a team bearing the name Kettering Town FC move into a small, undistinguished little ground on the edge of their town.  The club is run by and for the supporters and pays its bills on time.  Most of the functions at the club are carried out by volunteers from amongst the supporters.  The only rule this little club has is that no one person ever be allowed complete control.  No more "sugar daddies".  No more "investors".  No more lies and phantom shareholders.

What if.....?

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