Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Lucky Diamond Bastards!

"Lucky Diamond Bastards".  Never thought I'd type that line.  How can the Inbreds ever be considered "lucky" you might ask?  How can you be lucky to have six fingers, webbed toes or exactly the same number of sisters as aunts?  In many ways these put upon people might be seen to be among the most unlucky of God's creatures.

AFC R&DFC.  Lucky S.O.B.S.
But in at least one way, the supporters of the Direones have been damnably lucky.  They had the enormous good fortune to have their football club wiped out at a stroke.  No lingering.  No limping along.  No dirty outsiders attaching the club to a life-support machine in order to make a quick buck.  The end of R&DFC was quick, clean and permanent.  The wound was cautorised.  The healing could begin quickly.

The consequence of such a quick demise is there for all to see.  Several hundred supporters were all instantly denied their club, and quickly formed their own club.  No time for in-fighting, or angry factions.  No time for the support to ebb away.  Everyone pulling in the same direction.  In a nutshell, no time to happen to them what is presently happening to us.  The Poppies support has always been an infamously "wide church".  When everything in the garden is rosy this breadth of support can be a good thing.  For every fan who trusts the Chairman, there'll be one who wouldn't believe him if he was told that rain is wet.  Every player or Manager will have their pro and con faction.  Some will back the aims of the Trust whilst others will never trust mere supporters wanting to get involved in the running of a football club.  Everything in balance.

The problem we have now is that every faction of Poppies support is pulling in a different direction.  The majority have simply given up on the club whilst we are stuck at Non Park with our Non owner in charge.  Others are attending through some sense of loyalty that even they can't explain.  Christ, we even have a bunch of hardcore Poppies fans running their own club!

Painful as it is to admit, I wish we had gone the way of the Direones.  They may have been born as the plaything of a multi-millionaire, but no-one can doubt their future looks more assured than ours.  Lucky Diamond Bastards!

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