Monday, 8 October 2012

Daydream Believer

Well, Imraan has popped his head out of his bunker briefly, switched his mobile phone on again for five minutes to speak to Radio Northampton.  Hats off to DJ Joe Pignatiello, usually an annoying interviewer, for asking some searching questions as to blame, investors, and Non Park.  Joe then manfully undid this good work a few minutes later by completely misreading a couple of texts sent into the station by my better half!

Imraan was his usual evasive, lying self, with one slight difference.  I have never heard him sound so flat or lacking in emotion.  Even though he has single-handedly f**ked our club over my first reaction was to worry as to his state of mind.  I'm not sure if his Milton Keynes Bunker comes equipped with a "suicide-watch" facility, but if so, I would suggest he be compelled to use it.

As to what he said, it is fair to say we've heard it all before.  Blame for our situation is fairly shared between former sponsor, DRC, current sponsor, Richie Jeuene, the "Management Committee" who ran the club on his behalf at the start of the season.  None seemed to come his own way curiously....

Amazingly he believes we will be able to sign some more players - there must be thousands of players out there desperate to not be paid for their services.  Unbelievably he thinks the electricity starved stadium will be able to run from a generator!  All the lights, power sockets, heating, water, floodlights from a little portable generator?  Is he kidding?  And does he expect someone to loan one of these to him, as he wouldn't pay for one!

Oh, and the potential investors!  "Can't talk about them blah blah!" I wonder if any of these are the same investors he spoke about at Wickies?  Usual b*llocks.  He suggested that one of the parties was looking to buy the ground as he didn't want to pay the rent.  Just why exactly would anyone do this?  It doesn't matter who on earth took over, NO ONE WILL TRUST ANYONE OR GO BACK TO NON PARK!  No club can survive there.  How many clubs need to go bust there before the suits learn this?

No one on the radio believed Imraan.  Not Joe.  Not Geoff Doyle who hosted the following programme.  Or Jon Dunham.  Or Graham Carr.

Imraan, no-one believed you on the radio.  And no-one believes you who listened to the radio.  Why do you continue to lie to us?  What's in it for you?  Or do you actually believe what you say?  If so, pal, you've got problems!


  1. Especially as the only interested buyers already own NP! If you want to keep following a club that has Messrs Hill & Cousins as owners fine. Of course, there will be a front man!

    As for me I'm done!

  2. Ladak continues to live in cloud cuckoo land. Still be blames everyone else for the club's demise whilst still claiming he is acting in the club's best interests. So we are to believe that a basic necessity such as paying the electricity bill is in the club's best interests? It is obvious Imraan is looking after No 1 as usual, just waiting in the vain hope that he may recover some of his money from selling his shares to a new investor. He does not "love" KTFC, otherwise he would be paying the bills to keep the club alive. For Pete's sake, a fan had to step in to pay the laundry bill the other week so the team had clean home kit to play in. How much would that have cost him?