Saturday, 3 March 2012

Always two sides to any argument

Colin Reynolds, or Vespacol to most of us felt sufficiently moved by my piece about "Stay-away" fans he felt moved to contact the blog.  As ever, we're happy to receive and publish opinions other than our own.  Obviously there's a better chance of you getting a piece online if it entirely agrees with us, but never let it be said that PATGOD isn't a broad church! 

"I know I keep harping on about it BUT if Ladak had said at Wicksteeds , Pickering does not want us on his land at Rocky Road in 2 years time, then I would be there at Non Park.

But he didn’t did he ? We were offered another 7 years with a possible 10 more on top of that if we got promoted , making a total with the 2 years left a potential 19 years , by Ben Pickering.

I would be about 64 years old by then (!)
, we could still be there and anything could have happened in that like new chairman new investors etc.

So it’s a no brainer for me, but the upshot from that night at Wicksteeds was that we lost our club.  Why we did we go there if we didn’t have to?  And leave our spiritual home in Kettering?  And to a ground we’ve hated for 20 years, which is even out of our borough !!! FFS!!!

My morals are high, and Rockingham Road is my church.

But saying we are not supporters is harsh as I’ve just spent nearly my last pounds purchasing a new Kettering t-shirt.  Not everything in life is black and white.

To me it’s just Ladaks Legoland FC at non park.  But I will keep fighting.

Rockingham Road is OUR ground.  Our cantilever stand still looks impressive to the eye and certainly more impressive than legolands stands.  They just all join up and look like a prison!  Our floodlights with the big “K” look like real floodlight at a real ground , far more impressive that non parks sticks, and can been seen for miles around the town.

When you come back to Kettering on the train from Leicester way, the first thing you see is our fantastic ground it looks like it is saying 'Welcome to Kettering .'

Our cosy warm bar , was much more friendly and relaxing than the strikers (yes, I’ve been in there one away game !!!)

And last but not least the fantastic games played on home soil, with hero's made over the years wearing the red shirt of Kettering in Kettering.

Very sad Colin

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  1. Please read this and weep.The day before the meeting at Wicksteeds the Pickerings pulled out of the talks.Mr.Ladak told them on that day that KTFC's preference was to stay at RR and that they should come back to the table.He offered them a much higher rent than they had received the previous year.Wicksteeds happened and even after that, the Pickerings were asked to do a deal to keep KTFC at RR and give the club what it needed in terms of security of tenure of 10 years.They never came back at all and that meant that the club DID only have until 31.5.13 on the lease at RR.These are the facts.