Saturday, 31 March 2012

Blue Square versus Bet Fair

Only at Kettering.....!  A battle between two multi-million pound companies happening over little old us.

The moment it was announced that GR's special guest star sponsors were to be Bet Fair I'd wager most of us didn't give it a second thought.  We chuckled at images of the players wearing retro kit as well as retro facial hair.  We laughed at the promo video, one of the few times this season that events at Non Park amused rather than had us watching from between our fingers.

However, someone at Blue Square certainly didn't find the situation as amusing as the rest of us.  It now appears that they have flexed their sponsorship muscle with the league, and our team won't be permitted to play in our Doogan-era strip.

Hopefully the club have banked any monies from Bet Fair, and they are content with the exposure this campaign has generated.  And of course, Blue Square can stop their hissy-fit.

If Blue Square's reputation was really as important to them as this affair would seem to suggest you've got to ask yourself why they are only stomping down on us.  Why aren't they badgering the BBC for example?  According to the Beeb's website, we are still playing in the Conference!  Fair enough, the BBC probably aren't allowed to mention the sponsors names, but whenever I hear the league called "the Conference", the first thing that comes to mind is "GM Vauxhall", not third rate online betting site.

And, if it's not too late George, and you have the phone numbers of a dozen leggy models (I'm sure your little black book is still sufficient to the task), get them down to Non Park modelling the Bet Fair kits (but not the moustaches) and perhaps being ball-boys for the game.

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