Friday, 30 March 2012

It always seems to come down to "Paying the Tax Bill"

Just read about George rolls personally paying off the club's tax bill and effectively lifting the immediate threat of us going out of existence.  If this is true, he is to be applauded for this action.  He has no prior connection with our club, and has no cause to care two hoots for us or our future.  If we limp on to be a vaguely competitive team in BSN next season this would be considered a success based on the mess Ladak had left us in.  This position would be down to the efforts of GR, The Trust, and our oppressed hardcore of supporters.


Being a suspicious Poppy, the wheels of my brain whirred upon reading the following on the ET website -

"Businessman George Rolls, who is running the Poppies ahead of a full takeover, has told the Evening Telegraph that a winding-up petition imposed on the club by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs has been dismissed after the full amount owed was paid off."

I'm sure that I wasn't alone amongst Poppies fans in have a bit of a "Vietnam flashback" moment, going back 20 years to a similar statement from our then owner Mark English.  We all recall him telling anyone who would believe him that he'd paid off our tax bill, waving his infamous receipt around like a speed-pumped-up Neville Chamberlain, fresh back from Berlin. 

I really, REALLY hope that this is just a case of me being a typically ultra-cynical poppies fan......

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