Sunday, 11 March 2012

The End of the Phoney War?

With yesterday's defeat at Hayes & Yeading making the avoidance of relegation an ever distant hope, perhaps it is now time to concentrate solely on the club's survival.  A good and positive meeting this coming Wednesday could be the springboard to a better 2012-2013 season.  As it stands, no-one has any idea what division or even league we will, hopefully, be plying our trade in next season.  Perhaps when we have a better idea of GR's plans we will be in a better position as supporters to see how we can help our club.

One thing has been made clear in GR's media communications - he is not going to be funding the club from his own pocket.  However, he IS looking to try to make the off-field facilities at Non Park generate the income we are constantly being told they should.  We trust he will have a better plan and success than IL, who just assumed things would somehow happen and magically create additional the vast sums required to fund his and MM's Football League bound "dream team".

We fear that many supporters still haven't quite grasped the depth of the financial plight caused by IL's brain-dead tenure.  And, assuming this grisly tale of rank financial mismanagement is fully laid out before us next week, we hope that the enormity of the task in front of us does not deter our contracting group of die-hards.  If we are to emerge from the other side of this dark passage it is going to need all of us, and hopefully more, setting aside past differences or other petty issues and finally pull in a single direction.

Just remember, the Poppies is the only thing standing between us all being dragged around Tesco's on a Saturday afternoon by our better halves.  Now, if that isn't reason enough to muck-in and do all we can to save the club, nothing is!

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