Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Fresh Start and an Old Problem

Like, hopefully the rest of the Poppies public, the inbox at PATGOD towers hummed with an email from the Trust concerning the Rolls takeover, Board representation, and the need to raise quick funds to prevent our Club being wound up on the 2nd of April.

Particularly the Trust are targeting the home games with Afreton and Telford (assuming we can actually attend that one presumably...) and floating the old "Bring a friend" line. 

"But, PATGOD, please tell us what we can do", you ask.  Well, how about.....

George Rolls

Needs to play a blinder at next Wednesday's meeting.  He  needs to make it clear it that he isn't simply going to write a blank cheque with "KTFC" in the payee section.  The problem we have with people who takeover at the Poppies is that all to often we think, "Well, that's sorted then, there's no reason why we should do our bit anymore", and walk away washing our hands of the situation as we go.

We certainly don't envy his task of introducing himself as the boss man, and tell us at the same time that we need to dig even deeper to pay off Ladak's debts.

That said we need to hear exactly what his intentions are, and what will be his financial and other input.

The Club

Hopefully in the time between now and the game the Club will blitz any emailing lists it still has from the Fulham FA Cup membership con, and fully engage with the wider Kettering public via The ET and Radio Northampton. 

Try their damnedest to fill the empty Air Wair stand.  Contact every school in the north of the County.  Spread about the free kids tickets.  Get that empty stand filled and then try to sell them all the merchandise we can throw at them!

Contact the other local clubs.  If their games don't clash, throw open an invitation to their supporters to come and help to try and save the Poppies.  You'd think Brackley would ship over a few bodies!  (Joke).

Invite all those clubs who stand to lose points and goal difference if our results are expunged to stage a collection on our behalf.  Luton should raise us tens of thousands on their own!

Us lot

Beyond convincing a friend to come along, how about these suggestions -

Email everyone in your Email Inbox.  Text everyone on your telephone.  Tell them how important these games are.  Let's see if we can't shake loose a few of the once a year brigade.  They need to know the Poppies are for life, not just for a big FA Cup game or Wembley appearance every twenty years!

If you still haven't joined the Trust for the love of God do so!  The bigger the Trust the more money they can raise and the more effective voice the fans can have in the future.

Speak to your bosses at work.  Could they do the "Poppies Pledge".  How about sponsoring the game, or a table in the sponsor's lounge, or even the matchball.  Hell, if it wasn't likely to be prohibitively expensive, why not sponsor our bookings!

Get to the games.  Put money in the buckets.  Buy a T-shirt.  I know it's a pretty shitty time and money is short, but let's not forget the good times the Poppies have given us over the years.  This could be our last, best chance of seeing better days in the future.

As the saying goes, use it or lose it.

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