Friday, 16 March 2012

Into the Valley of Death rode the 2500

The imminent take-over by Rolls and, er...Royce was the subject of another Fans Forum this week. By the end of the meeting three things were clear.

One, as a club, we are about as far in the brown stuff that you can actually be and still have your nostrils clear.

Two, The new owners had numerous ideas and suggestions as to how to generate off-field funds in future. Assuming of course, there is a future.

Three, the new owners have little or no grasp of the Poppies supporting Kettering public if they believe that two and a half thousand people will turn up to watch us scrap with Alfreton!

It's all well and good hoping the supporters will rally around and bring all their friends with them but unlikely. (If we had so many good friends we wouldn't have grown into Poppies fans anyway....) Our situation isn't helped by the amount of infighting going on at Kettering at the moment. Our motley collection of axe-grinders, stay-awayers, 1872 wannabees, keyboard warriors, glass-half-emptyers, and pontificating bloggers aren't likely to pull together any time soon! Why should non-fans make an effort when our actual supporters can't be arsed?

It's also all well and good bringing up the example of Darlington who had a couple of back-to-back bumper gates when they looked like going bust, but it's not exactly comparable with our situation.

Darlington are an ex-Football League club who, historically, have been used to getting larger gates. There's also the fact the games in question were against League leaders Fleetwood, and a reasonably local derby against York City. GR also didn't go on to mention that now the immediate issues at Darlington have abated their last home gate was under 1400 for the visit of Luton.... It's laudable getting 6000 through the turnstile one week, but losing three quarters of these new fans for the next home game is careless at best!

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