Saturday, 3 March 2012

Statto Alert!

If you have never seen the Kings Lynn website it is certainly worth a visit for all budding Paul Cookes.

They have within their site a large results and attendance database.  These things are generally never less than fascinating. For example, for those Poppies fans hankering for a new club in the UCL did you know that bottom placed Division One Rothwell get bigger gates than table topping Huntingdon Town?  That said, Rowell attract 71 diehards per game as opposed to Huntingdon's 69 hardy souls?  Something to look forward to in our future?

A more pertinent page on their website can be found here: -

Despite our worse season for many years we are still enjoy the 13th best attendances in the BSP, and the 16th highest figures outside of the football league.  OK, that may not be especially impressive.  However, if you look at the 15 clubs above us in the attendance league fully 11 of them are former Football League Clubs.  Of the other 4 there is an offshoot of Manchester United, Telford, who are basking in their promotion back to the top flight, and Woking and Fleetwood, who are both enjoying phenomenal seasons.

As far as I can tell, none of the teams above us are playing several miles out of town, saddled with a huge facility, with a fractured support, an absentee owner, bills coming out of their ears, and a playing squad of 7 1/2.

In fact, our average gate has risen slightly over last season, so, let's not beat ourselves up too much at our perceived lack of numbers, eh?

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