Monday, 13 August 2012

A Pre-season like no other.

Usually with less than a week to go before the season starts, and several pre-season games under our belts, the following would all have happened: -

  • We would have seen the goal of the season
  • We would have wound-up all the Kettering based Leicester City fans, who for the only time in their lives get to act like "big-time" Charlies
  • Several players from last season would be looking all tanned and lovely
  • We would be devastated that a couple of players who looked shit-hot weren't going to sign for us, and if they finally did put pen to paper they would revert to just being shit!
  • We would be playing count-the-working-bulbs in the Big K floodlights
  • Marcus Kelly would have played all the positions on the park from goalkeeper to centre forward
  • At least one trialist would be mistaken for Patrick Peter, or was it Peter Patrick?
  • We would make a quick check to see if the corner clock was working

An exasperated Steve Evans
can't believe yet another
decision has gone against
his charming players.
These simple pleasures have been denied by the factthat our club now squats down in East Northants.  This season I haven't made it to a single game, although the chance to wind-up Evans at the Rotherham game and watch him turn the same colour as a baboon's arse is very tempting. 

It was a big enough effort to shell out a fiver to watch a bunch of trialists wearing old Poppies shirts huffing and puffing against a mini-bus full of schoolkids from Peterborough when it was the case of a twenty minute walk to Rocky Road.  But to decamp across the county for a glorified training session holds few attractions.

I would like to say that I've kept up with proceedings via Poppies Radio but a couple of impediments have blocked even this, bar a couple of minutes.  Firstly, not knowing a single name of any Poppies player I had absolutely no idea which team was on the ball at any time!  Also, there's the small matter of a vicious PATGOD article, written back in the day where we ripped the piss out of the Direones for offering the same service!  Nicking their ground, Strikers Bar and even the dubious administrative talents of Helen Thompson are one thing, but copying Radio Inbred is a step too far for me!

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  1. I completely understand people not bothering with the preseason friendlies / trial matches but I hope everyone makes the effort to come when the real thing starts.