Saturday, 18 August 2012

Here we go again......

History is full of instances where hoped-for long reigns are quickly and usually cruelly curtailed.  Lady Jane Gray, installed on the English throne in an attempt to thwart Catholic ambitions managed 9 full days in the top job before her head was unceremoniously let go by her body.  Pope John Paul (Marna?) managed a full month before popping his clogs.  Cloughie managed 44 days at Leeds, whilst Gazza, as we know, fared even less well at the hands of a certain Imraan Ladak.

Now, it would appear that Imraan is getting back in the game. New Poppies Chairman Richie Jeune has been dumped after just over a week in charge. How does a club Chairman get sacked you might ask?  One can only assume this is Imraan's doing as he still main shareholder. It can't possibly have anything to do with Rolls as he isn't allowed to have anything to do with football.

The full statement can be read, and goggled over here -

Although George is obviously not involved in any way, shape or form with the footballing side of the club, it is curious that the statement has the following line,

"All non football events at Nene Park are managed by Poppies Events and no other third party"

Stop waving your keys around, we know that
you're not going anywhere!
This suggests that George's company, Poppies Events will make what little off-field monies are generated off the pitch, whilst at the same time he is forbidden to use any of these funds to support the club!  Convenient, eh?

It would appear the current situation is that no-one other than George is allowed to make money out of Non Park.  Certainly not the football club.  What are we supposed to survive on?  500 gates and a few replica shirts? 

We have been told time and time again that Imraan has nothing to do with the daily running of the club.  Mind you, that's nothing new, as he was an absentee-chairman even when he was involved.  Anyone suggesting he was still pulling the strings was summarily dismissed or ridiculed.  Those suggestions don't seem quite so ridiculous now.  What's the betting that a mate of Imraan is installed as our interim chairman?  Perhaps Jay or Ray? 

How about this for a way-out theory.  Ladak runs up enormous debts, and then backs off to allow others to try to sort out the mess his amateurish efforts have caused.  No sooner have others have bailed him from the brown stuff and entered a CVA to wipe out most of HIS debts, he is back in charge, with a clean financial slate.

Also, no one wants to believe the "2015" rumour, but what else are we expected to think as Ladak and Rolls continue to haunt the ground, and Cousins and Hill keep flitting around in the background.  Big building contract split 4-ways eh?  Just keep some sort of football going there for a couple of years.  Doesn't matter the level or whether players and suppliers lose out.

It all stinks.  No question.  But I'm sure Ladak has a convincing explanation.....

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