Thursday, 23 August 2012

Imraan - what do you think?

"Herewegoagain127" has contributed -

Ladak 2: The Sequel – In the Shit Again
“More shit same old story” The Daily Mail
“Seen and heard it all before, one of the less imaginative sequels” The Telegraph
“More from this fantasy director. This time he delivers the final ending!” Empire
“The first film, in our opinion was simply too long. This one hits the nail on the head, delivering an all action script that’s over as quick as you like. Blink and you’ll miss it!” The Sun
Semi-regular Patgod correspondant Colin Reynolds has added,
"RR was not dead it was not ready to go ! But its been left to die !? ffs , a 7 yr lease was availble on top of the two that was remaining , we should be still there now , and a offer of a further ten yrs if we got into the league , so 19 yrs potentinally was availble , ladak would have left in that time for sure and a new chairman might have done a better deal with Pickering.

Ladak said he could not afford the rent increase at RR , i knew he would not be able to run Legoland ,  I wanted to see marching protests from RR to the Newlands and back trying to save out spiritual home , but i was complety shocked that kettering fans just folded to the temptation of a cosy chair in a 'nice' ground to sit and watch the game ,in our arch rivals grave ,out of our Borough and that was more appealing to them than losing our HOME
Because they were talked into believing it was the only option

Thats one of the reason ive not stepped foot in legoland ,plus i knew we would die there and could not face watching that , so my last game was at RR when we all left the ground happy."

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  1. Imraan ladak, the man that is slowly strangling #ktfc