Friday, 10 August 2012

The Midland Muppets Part Two

It's the final straight for our rundown of teams in a division that even Corby Town can look down upon!

Leamington FC

Miles from the Holy City - 45
Population of town - 40,000
Ground Capacity - 2,300
Home Colours - Kinda murky yellow and purple-ish.  Think Bradford City.
Nickname - The Brakes (presumably big pie fans?)
Average Home Attendance Last Season - 505

"Must Know" Facts - Renowned satanist Aleister Crowley was born in Leamington, and his evil influence has been felt down the years, attracting equally corrupt and monstrous people to Leamington, including dictator Napolean III, comedian Russell Howard, and former Poppy and eternal Boston United netminder Paul Bastock.

By some considerable margin,
the best features of Redditch.
Redditch United FC

Miles from the Holy City - 65
Population of town - 84,000 (which suggests 83,800 of the population have never seen their team play!)
Ground Capacity - 5,000 - with few suggestions of ever turning people away at the turnstile.
Home Colours - Red & Black
Nickname - With much imagination - The Reds
Average Home Attendance Last Season - 253

"Must Know" Facts - All you need to know about Redditch is that I celebrated like it was 1999 when we were promoted out of Conference North, and they were relegated out of it, meaning I'd never have to revisit the depressing hole.  Sigh.....

Oh, and 80's Page 3 Star Corinne Russell came from Redditch.  Cue photograph no doubt!

and finally.......

Stourbridge FC

Miles from the Holy City - 75
Population of town - 55,000
Ground Capacity - 2,000
Home Colours - Red & White stripes
Nickname - The Glassboys
Average Home Attendance Last Season - 413

"Must Know" Facts - With all due respect to our Brummie neighbours I've completely run out of interest as to which soap star lives in the town, or which heavy metal singer once unsheathed his chopper in the middle of the carnival. 

Roll on the season!  Assuming the combined machinations of Ladak, Rolls, Cousins and Hill mean we make it that far!

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