Thursday, 23 August 2012

Imraan, Imraan....

....what more can we say about Imraan that hasn't already been said? 

He seems to have been a permanent fixture in the local media for the past couple of days, getting the usual easy-ride from the ET and Radio Northampton.  Probing questions.  Outright accusations.  Questioning his story.  All of these have been depressing absent. 

Everything is still everyone else's fault.  Whether it be James Caan. T James Electrical or even James T Kirk.  Jaws have dropped over his pontificating about excessive player contracts and unsustainable rents!  Who would know better than him?

 Having heard all Imraan has had to say, and soaked up all the rumours flying around, we have come up with a chain of events, which, although obviously unsubstantiated, could be close to the truth.  If not, any of the characters involved have an open invitation to get in touch and put us right.  We're happy to print anything they have to say.

Let's say that Richie and the Trust start talking to Corby Town in an effort to escape the ruinous clutches of Non Park.  May or may not be a stepping stone for a return to the town.  Bear in mind, with our reduced circumstances, any future ground would not need a shed load of facilities.  Hard standing.  A couple of hundred seats and floodlights.  No dance halls or banqueting facilities.

Let us further speculate that George Rolls hears of this.  How would he react?  Probably not well given that his "Poppy Events" organisation needs to be based at Non Park.  This might prove to be tricky if the club are no longer there?

George "invites" Ladak to step in and put an end to such talk, and fearing that friend George may be inconvenienced, and he might be saddled with the rent for Non Park due to him blindly signing the first contract stuck in front of him by Cousins.

Prologue -

Seems I must type faster!

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