Friday, 17 August 2012

Journey into the Unknown

There can be few Poppies seasons likely to be as jarring as the start of this one.

An entirely new starting XI, playing under a new management team, headed by a new Chairman and playing in a new league.  A league so "low" that our previous, wanabee almost-Chairman George was convinced we would be at least play-off certainties regardless of our 10 point deduction.  A league so far behind where we are used to be playing that we have to listen to the sports round-up on Radio Northampton for several minutes before they get around to us.

Of course George, like the rest of us I suppose, was basing our prospects this season on a Conference National team dropping into the Southern League.  Given the unknown calibre of our signings I can't believe anyone is quite so confident now.  By this time tomorrow we should have a more informed idea what to expect.  A thumping win and we'll happily adopt the "Billy Big-Bollox" posture and tell everyone we're gonna piss this poxy league.  However, should we get spanked down on the coast that 10 point deficit is going to look awfully large, and we'll all be in absolute dread of the following Tuesday night home game where the opposition and the attendance will both be watched with equal levels of fearfulness.

All the best to the team for tomorrow.  Whoever they are!

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