Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mensch - a town mourns

From the moment that novelist Louise Mensch was parachuted into the Corby parliamentary seat by David Cameron, in a desperate attempt to ape Tony Blair's "Babes" with Cameron's "Cuties", two outcomes were certain.

Firstly, she was never going to stand for a second term.  Secondly, a forthcoming novel would feature a power-dressing, feisty female MP who would ultimately melt into the strong arms of a man who would take her away from horrid politics and back into shoe shopping.

"Yes Mrs McJock, I'll look into the issue of your leaky
roof and take it up with the council, just as soon as
I've finished up at Kathryn Amberleigh and Prada."
The only misjudgement is that it was assumed she'd actually see out her term before sticking two fingers up to the socialist plastic-jocks who make up most of her electorate, before hotfooting it to the warm embrace of Manhattan's finest and most exclusive boutiques.

But, how does any of this affect us, you might well ask?  Due to a curiously shaped parliamentary boundary, a lot of her constituency encompasses a swathe of countryside through East Northants (hence her election even though every voter in Corby itself hates her guts) and includes the plastic albatross which will finally squeeze what little life is left in the Poppies our much loved home - Non Park.

Our "other MP" should have felt a kinship with the Poppies, as we were both dropped into an area and forced upon a local population who would rather eat their own thumbs (and the webbing in the case of Irthlingborough) than have anything to do with us.

Fair play on her hurried escape.  I only hope we also manage to copy her at some point and get away.  Doesn't necessarily have to be to New York.  "New"land Street will do.  Or "York" Road!  Or a small patch or barely used grass halfway down Rockingham Road.....

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